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Our State-of-the-Art Technology for Painless Root Canals

  • Digital X-ray

    Digital X-rays
    Digital radiography (digital x-ray) is the latest technology used to take dental x-rays. This technique uses an electronic sensor to capture and store the digital image on a computer. This instant image can be viewed and enlarged helping us detect problems easier. Digital x-rays also reduce radiation 80-90% compared to traditional dental x-rays.

  • Microscope

    The Microscope
    Dr. Nima uses a special microscope during treatment to allow for enhanced vision through illumination and magnification. This technology greatly improves the doctor and assistant’s view inside the tooth facilitating a more thorough treatment, especially in locating calcified canals and diagnosing root fractures.

  • Dental X-ray

    Imaging and HD Videos
    Through the microscope we are able to take digital pictures/movies of the procedure. These can then be sent to your family dentist for increased communication of your specific needs. This helps bridge the gap between our office and your referring family dentist and helps augment the quality of care.

  • Dental CBCT Scanner

    3D CBCT Imaging
    Three-dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3D CBCT) imaging provides additional information that traditional x-rays will not provide. These types of information are helpful in root canal procedures and dental implant procedures. The Cone Beam is an exciting new technology that allows us to three-dimensionally examine teeth, their roots and surrounding bone. It also enables us to detect abnormalities in the teeth and surrounding structures that are not normally visible when using standard two-dimensional radiography.

  • Ultrasonics

    Ultrasonics, An Alternative to the Drill
    Instead of using a drill inside your tooth, this device vibrates a diamond coated metal tip at high frequency. Because it is very small, it can be used under the microscope for precise removal of small amounts of tooth or fillings, allowing for conservative treatment of your tooth. Dr. Nima also uses quiet electric handpieces (drills) to help eliminate the sound of the dental drill.

  • Apex Locator

    Apex Locator
    This device helps Dr. Nima to precisely measure the length of the tooth’s roots electronically for complete cleaning of the tooth. Since it is very accurate, it reduces the number of x-rays normally needed during the procedure. Used along with digital x-rays, this device lowers patient radiation exposure even further.

  • Cordless Endodontic Handpiece

    Digital Instrumentation
    Our special digital handpieces control high tech nickel-titanium instruments with great precision. These sterilized units sense when torque (tightness) approaches pre-set resistance levels, and they reverse rotation to adjust to these limits. The efficiency of these instruments helps to reduce the patient’s chair time.

  • Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide for Root Canals

    Sedation & Nitrous Oxide
    We offer sedation dentistry along with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you be more calm and relaxed during your root canal treatment.

  • See your Root Canal

    Recording through a Microscope
    After the procedure, we offer you to watch your root canal video through the microscope we used.

  • iPad

    Paperless Charting
    Our practice is powered and engined by 'Dental EMR', the most cutting-edge paperless endodontic practice management software available for endodontic practices. This means all x-rays and charting are made and recorded with the aid of the computer. This technology allows us to maintain your dental records electronically, and cuts down the unnecessary paperwork used with traditional paper charting. It also allows us to quickly communicate with your family dentist regarding your tooth. In keeping with our paperless standard, we also utilize electronic claims processing. This means that rather than sending your dental claim through the mail, it is sent electronically to your insurance company with the click of the button. By filing your claim electronically, information is submitted more efficiently and with fewer errors. This benefits our patients because the turn around time on claims is faster and fewer claims are returned or denied.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Accepts many dental insurances. We will still see you if you don't have dental insurance
  • Immediately Off I-90
  • Easy Access
  • Easy Parking
  • Centrally located in Issaquah
  • Convenient office hours
  • Emergency Appointments Available
  • Same-Day Appointments
  • Easy communication via text, phone or email
  • Online Patient Registration Forms
  • iPad Kiosk Check In
  • Beverage Bar - Coffee, Tea, Water
  • Digital Xrays with low radiation
  • 3D Xray of your Tooth
  • We work through a microscope
  • Intraoral pictures and movies so you can see
  • Sedation including Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Calm and Relaxing Environment
  • Scenic River View from Treatment Rooms
  • First-class sterilization and disinfection techniques
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Debit Cards Accepted
  • CareCredit Financing
  • Soft Warm Blankets
  • Hot Face Towels
  • Treat Patients of All Ages
  • Transparent and honest and someone you can count on!
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