Evergreen Endodontics Issaquah

Evergreen Endodontics Issaquah


Personalized, gentle care for your patients

Why Choose Us?

At Evergreen Endodontics in Issaquah, we focus on delivering high quality care to our patients and something of value. We do not tolerate mediocre results in our office as we are always striving for perfection. We use the latest technology on our procedures to obtain the most optimal result. We will see all emergencies the same day, if possible, for the patient. We also provide sedation such as nitrous oxide to provide relaxation to your patients. Should your patient cannot come the same day, we see them the next day. If they cannot come the next day, then it is not considered a "true" emergency. Our team keeps emergency slots available at the end of the day. Any dental office can contact us and we will see your patient that day or the next.

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